Business Banking Solutions

Cash Management Services & Solutions

Manage your business’s cash flow, mitigate risk, and increase efficiency with our Cash Management Services. We offer a wide range of digital solutions so you can simply and securely transfer between accounts, pay bills, create ACH transactions, request online wire transfers, make EFTPS Federal tax payments, and more. Find the right services for your business.

Insured Cash Sweep® (ICS®)

At First Pacific Bank, we understand the importance of keeping your large deposits protected, that’s why we partner with IntraFi® Network Deposits. Through our participation in their network, we can put your cash balances to work, with access to millions in FDIC insurance—protection that is backed by the full faith of the federal government. You’ll maintain access to your funds while earning returns and enjoy the benefit of a single relationship with First Pacific Bank. ICS is the smart, secure, and convenient way to safeguard your large deposits.

ACH Service

Increase the speed of your payments and collections with our dependable collection and payment system. With Automated Clearing House (ACH) you can quickly and efficiently manage a variety of transactions, including direct deposit, vendor payments, preauthorized debits, disbursements, tax payments, rent collections, and more.

Positive Pay

Reduce check and ACH fraud with this secure and robust online tool that monitors unauthorized transactions on your business account—protecting your business from fraudulent activity. Simply upload a file of issued checks daily and any unusual or unauthorized disbursements will be reported to you for your review and approval.

Remote Deposit Capture

Increase efficiency, reduce expenses, and speed up your business’s cash flow with Remote Deposit Capture. With this service, you can safely and securely deposit checks from your office at any time and eliminate the need to deliver or mail your deposits. 

Sweep Accounts

With Sweep Accounts you can maintain optimal liquidity while maximizing your interest income. Our Sweep Accounts automatically transfer cash balances from your business checking account to your savings account so you can boost your earnings.

Wire Transfers

Send domestic and international payments quickly, securely, and efficiently with wire transfers. Wire transfer payments are the fastest way to move funds and can be made the same day (domestic) or scheduled for a future date.

Business Online and Mobile Banking

Our online and mobile banking solutions provide businesses with quick access to account information, statements, and transaction details, plus flexible cash management capabilities.